Recording Session Videos
Cast Recording of an original musical production by
C. Robert Jones.
"Invitation to the Blues"
Recording tracks for an upcoming CD of Western Swing
& Country Music
Andrew Shelton
Trombone Soloist accompanied by Dewitt Tipton on piano at Mars Hill College campus.
Asheville Rock Band recording "Beat the Odds",
at Big Creek Recording.
"The Best Of SART"
Cast Recording of a compilation CD, celebrating SART's 30th year.
"Rich Willey Band"
Rich Willey & Band recording "The Theme"at Big Creek.
Suzi Gardiner
Vocalist & multi-instrumentelist recording tracks at Big Creek with band.
Video courtesy of
Mezzaluna Studio, inc.
"The Forget-Me-Nots
recording a Celtic Medley for a Jane Sutton project
Russ Wilson
Overdubbing drums on a
Paul Jonath tune, "All My Lovin's For You
"The Chorus"
Childrens voices being overdubbed for Kim Brophey's "Not So Different"
Don Pedi
Dulcimer Virtuoso
recording "Rock The Cradle Joe"
for a Jane Sutton project
Leigh Ann Singleton
Recording vocal for
"A Grandmother's Wish"
Sonja Guthrie
French Horn
recording "Beethoven Sonata"
with Brad Curtioff on Piano
Jason Knight
recording "City Lights"
Satin Steel Jazz Ensemble
recording "How Insensitive"
Eve Haslam, Justin Radford
& Zack Page
Michael Fisher
recording "Moving Too Fast"
Sounds Of Our Heritage
"Come Back to Old Santa Fe"
Recording session in
Weaverville, NC
Sonja Guthrie
French Horn
recording "Hunter's Moon"
with Brad Curtioff on Piano
Isabella Gates
recording "Much More"
with Virginia McKnight on Piano
Video production by Edwin Dennis
Acoustic Swing Quartet
"Sweet Georgia Brown"
Stephon LaMar
Recording vocal track for an Andrew Magill project
Eve Haslam & band
"Shadows Fall"
Liz Aiello
"Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray"
Recording a Patsy Cline classic